Towelroot ‘Device Not Supported’ Issue

No doubt Towelroot is the perfect and simple Android rooting App. But not all devices are supported by Towelroot. Well, how do you know your device is supported or not by Towelroot? Simple, after installing the Towelroot APK, you obviously want to root your phone immediately. So, Open the APP and you should see a welcome screen. There are two welcome screens indeed, one says “Make it Ra!n” and the other is “Device not supported by Towelroot”.

Device not Supported by Towelroot

If your device is compatible, you should be able to find the screen “Make it Ra!n” with which you can root your phone. If your device is not compatible, you will see “Device not Supported by Towelroot” which is a worrying thing.

It Towelroot version of warning that you can’t root your phone with it. There several reasons for that in which a few of them are, your phone has an outdated OS that is not supported for rooting, or the brand of your phone doesn’t allow rooting with Towelroot, or Towelroot simply isn’t compatible with your device.

But, panic not! We are here to help you! So, if you falling into the second category where the device is not compatible with Towelroot APK, follow the below procedure and you should be able to successfully root your Android phone.

Rooting with Towelroot Modstrings

Modstrings are a way to modify the exploit parameters for your obscure phone. This is only if your device can’t be Towelrooted.

Step 1: Click “welcome to Towelroot v3” 3 times and enter text.

Step 2: 1337 method(0-3), align(0-1), limit_offset(0-8191), hit_iov(0-7), temp_root(0-1)

Step 3: method: which syscall is used in the blocking thread, try them all

Step 4: align: which alignment to use for the iovs, try them all

Step 5: limit_offset: 0 is probably the right value here, otherwise close to the samsung value and a multiple of 4

Step 6: hit_iov: which iov to overwrite to cause block

Step 7: temp_root: do a temp root putting su and daemonsu in /sbin, good for HTC and Motorola, doesn’t fix exploit

Step 8: To fix, align and method are probably your best bet(4*2=8 values), hit_iov maybe, limit_offset if you are desperate.

== Example Modstrings ==

Most phones:   “1337 0 1 0 4 0”

New Samsung:   “1337 0 1 7380 4 0”

Temp root:     “1337 0 1 0 4 1”

Hope the guide helped you! Please reach out to us, if you still have any trouble installing and rooting with Towelroot!

Developer’s Note:

Towleroot apk Download
APK Towelroot
Developer(s) GeoHot
Initial release July 2014
Latest release
APK V3 / 16 December 2016
Development status Active
Operating system Android 4.1 or Later
Available in English
Type Application
License Freeware
Towelroot ‘Device Not Supported’ Issue
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