Download Towelroot V6 APK for Android **Updated

Towelroot is the best wireless rooting software available on the web for all Android users. Though there are tons of Android rooting apps, the specialty of Towelroot is that you can root your Android phone wirelessly and that too with just one click. yes! you heard it right! Just one click and your phone is rooted!

Since the application uses some kind of vulnerability in the kernel Linux version to root Android, Google found it against their policies and quoted that the app is violating the guidelines of Play store only to remove the App from making it available for users. Ever since, a ton of web platforms online started providing the Application in the form APK, an Android package file which can be downloaded directly and installed in a few clicks.

Though there is an official website to download the APK, users tend to fall a prey for scammers. Meaning, promoting false versions of the Towelroot APK on their blogs result causing their phones to corrupt in the middle of rooting. And some websites even provide malware injecting users mobile with some kind of virus and hacking and stuff.

So, just to help our loyal users, we are here to help you know the hard fact about Towelroot and the number of official versions and which helps you the best.

Towelroot V6 APK

Towelroot V6

Towelroot V6 is the supposed version of the rooting APK that should be released in late 2017. But believe me, there no V6 of Towelroot available on the web. The reason for taking time and writing this article is to create awareness in users so you don’t fall a prey for scammers.

The best and latest version as of August 2017 is Towelroot V3 and it works on all Android phones. You don’t have the to look for any other versions or have to any other websites! Simply download the Apk and that’s it! You have the best version!

Once again, we request you that there is no version of Towelroot other than V1, V2, and V3! So, please don’t fall trap to all the bull Sh*t you see or people promote online!


Developer’s Note:

Towleroot apk Download
APK Towelroot V6
Developer(s) GeoHot
Initial release July 2014
Latest release
APK V3 / 16 December 2016
Development status Active
Operating system Android 4.1 or Later
Available in English
Type Application
License Freeware
Download Towelroot V6 APK for Android **Updated
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